Continuiamo la conversazione iniziata lo scorso agosto: Oltre il mare, sappiamo che c’è la sponda africana: un Continente che offre opportunità d’investimento di cui ci occuperemo prossimamente con una Lettera ai Capitalisti Africani.

We continue the conversation started last August. Beyond the sea there is the African shore, a Continent full of investment’s opportunity. Over the past four decades we accomplished missions in some sixteen Countries both Anglophone and Francophone Regions, having been resident in four of them. This provided us with a privileged first-hand information, which we decided to complete by focusing on the investment opportunity, which will be the subject of a forthcoming Letter to African Capitalists.

Nous continuons la conversation entamée en août dernier. Au-delà de la mer il y a la rive africaine, un Continent riche d’opportunités d’investissement. Il existe une demande énorme de la part des citoyens qui supplient des meilleures conditions de vie et des professionnels et entrepreneurs ayant besoin de capitaux pour démarrer des activités nouvelles et pour la croissance des entreprises existantes ; toutefois, on est en présence de l’aversion au risque des capitalistes africaines, qui sera l’objet de la prochaine Lettre aux Capitalistes Africaines.

Autore: graziosiascanio

I am doctor in Economics. I am based in London (+44 7943286549) and Rome (+39 3273211887). I do have a banking background and specialization in Microfinance, Project Management-Monitoring-Evaluation, Risk Fund. I have accumulated more than 30 years of experience in 28 Countries and collaborated with the major international development organizations such as World Bank Group, Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Italian Co-operation, European Union, Danish Cooperation, FAO, UNDP and Others in East Europe, Caribbean, Central Asia and Africa.
- Investment Advisor
- Design, Manage, Evaluate Credit Projects Financial inclusion - Trust Funds - Guarantee Funds
- SME financing & Private Sector Development
- Association in submission Tenders dossiers & EOI
- Assist MFI decision makers to understand situations and take action
- Project Management & Evaluation
- Drafting Technical proposals & Methodologies
- Review and revision MFI strategy & Management
- Investigation for markets opportunities 
- Design credit models & Launch new products
- Capacity building, Business development, Financial inclusion
- Downscaling & Up scaling operations
- Backstopping position to follow-up multiple field activities
- Training Managers & Field staff. I launched the Service A PROJECT FOR MFI DECISION MAKERS. enquiry: I am Founder and Owner of 2030 FINANCIAl INCLUSION with LinkedIn, I published The Gateway to Africa Inclusive Growth, JAMBO FUND


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