My Journey

All along my professional career I tried to match innovation and tradition in the development finance arena, blending an extensive field experience with publicist’s activities. I do have a banking background with a specialization in financial inclusion. I do have a Degree in Economics (equivalent to US Master) from the University of Rome, a Diploma in Business Administration, a Diploma in Marketing Research and a Certificate in European Union Foreign Relations. Upon completion of my studies I began work with the Central Institute of Statistics of Italy, then started the overseas career with the Central Bank of Somalia (1966), at that time under management of the Bank of Italy. Upon returning to Italy, I joined the Lombardy Savings Bank in Milan, the world largest savings bank by deposits size. In 1974 I started working with a consulting firm in Rome and appointed Branch Director in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.

I have accumulated over 30 years of work experience in 28 countries, with long-term knowledge of Africa as well as familiarity with other emerging markets and transition economies. I have cooperated with the major international development organizations including: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy, Danish Cooperation, European Commission (Aid, EDF, Meda, Tacis and Phare), FAO, UNDP, WHO and World Bank Group as well as private firms in Africa, Caribbean, Central Asia, Eastern Europe and Russia Federation.

MY JOURNEY – Mid-60s – 70s I started the overseas career as Economist with the Central Bank of Somalia.I founded and acted as Chief of the Editorial Staff of the Central Bank Bulletin. Back to Italy I served seven years with Lombardy Savings Bank in Milan, at that time the largest savings bank of the world by deposits size. Africa called me again and I went to the Democratic Republic of Congo in Kinshasa where I acted as a Director of the Branch of a Consulting Company providing advisory services to the Government. After a short stay in Rome at the Headquarter of the Company I went to Lagos, Nigeria as Financial Analyst of a Firm.

  • In the 80s and 90s years I collaborated with FAO in Rome and achieved missions to Chad, Ethiopia, Guinea Conakry, Mali, Niger and others Countries. Besides, I collaborated with EU Commission, World Bank Group, Italian Cooperation, and Danish Cooperation, which gave me the opportunity to visit Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Caribbean and Africa for a total of twenty-six Countries, of which sixteen in Africa, a Continent I love.
  • I have accumulated more than 30 years of work experience and collaborated with the major international development organizations in AFRICA: Ghana, Morocco (two missions), Algeria, Malawi (two), Cameroon, Mali (two), Ethiopia (two),Guinea Conakry (two), Niger (two), Tunisia, Somalia (two), Swaziland, Burkina Faso, Capo Verde, Chad, Nigeria, Angola, Zaire (DRG). EASTERN EUROPE & RUSSIA FEDERATION: Russia, Bosnia, Kosovo ( two), Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania (two), Romania. CENTRAL ASIA: Azerbaijan (two) Uzbekistan. CARIBBEAN: Guyana, Suriname, Curacao & Islands, St.Lucia (Islands), Cariforum Countries.
  • Mid 70s I wrote the first Italian Bank Marketing book ( Angeli Editor, Milan) and then I collaborated with economic magazines.  I am Founder and Owner of FINANCIAL ECONOMIC INCLUSION with LinkedIn,
  • Beginning 2016 I published FINANCIAL INCLUSION, Give people a job not a loan”,
  • APRIL 2018  The Gateway to Africa Inclusive Growth – JAMBO FUND 


  • Written eulogium granted by the Prime Minister of Somalia for the achievements as a Secretary-Member of a GVT Committee, while with the Central Bank of Somalia – 1966
  • Reference letter issued by Agricultural Development Bank – Guinea Conakry at the end of a mission on behalf of UN/FAO – 1985.