Overseas Assignments

Country Business Date Position Funding Agency
Ghana SME/Trust Fund/Agriculture 06-10/2011 Team Leader AFD
Morocco Micro Credit/SME 08-09/2009 Team Leader EU-MEDA
Morocco Trust Fund/SME 02-04/2008 Team Leader ITA GVT
Algeria SME/SMI/Trust Fund 10/2008 Team Leader EU-MEDA
Malawi Microfinance/ Agriculture 10/05-10/2006 Microfinance Advisor EU
Malawi Microcredit/Agriculture 10-11/1994 Credit Expert UNDP/WHO/FAO
Cameroon Micro finance 02-04/2002 Team Leader EU/AFD
Mali Fund/Grant Facility 05-08/1999 Grant Expert WB Group
Mali SME 11/91- 02/1992 Credit Expert EU
Ethiopia Credit/ Agriculture 02-04/1998 Credit Expert FAO
Ethiopia Credit/Agriculture 02-10-/1997 Credit Expert UNDP/FAO
Guinea-Co Training/Cooperative managers 1-2/1996 Training Expert IT Cooperation
Guinea-Co Credit/Agriculture 7-8/1985 Credit Expert FAO
Niger SME/Agriculture 7-8/1995 Credit Expert UNDP/FAO
Niger Credit/Agriculture 11-12/1990 Cereal bank NDL/GVT/FAO
Tunisia SMI/SME/ Trust Fund 2-12/1994 Team Leader EU
Somalia Banking/Central Bank

Somali Development Bank




Bank Advisor



Swaziland Banking/Board Member 10/1986-06/1988 Board Member & Advisor EU
Burkina Faso Banking/Agriculture 05/1984- 04/1986 Bank Advisor Italian Cooperation
Capo Verde Credit/Agriculture 6-8/1986 Credit Specialist ITA GVT/FAO
Chad Credit/Agriculture 4/6/1982 Credit Expert Italy/FAO
Nigeria Training/Financial analysis 05/1978-10/1979 Training Manager Private Group
Angola Finance 02/1977 Financial Analyst Private Group
Zaire Finance 04/1974-10/1976 Branch Manager Private Group
Russia Trust Fund 02-07/2007 Team Leader DANIDA
Bosnia/Kosovo/Montenegro/Serbia  Financing SME/ Fund 09/ 2005 Team Leader EU/IAR
Kosovo Counterpart Fund 09-10/2005 Team Leader EAR/EU
Kosovo Project Evaluation 10-11/2002 Banking Expert EAR/EU
Kosovo Credit/SME 09-10/ 2001 Team Leader EAR/EU
Bosnia-H Micro-credit/Trust Fund 07-08/2002 Banking Expert UNDP
Bosnia-H Training 05-06/2001 Training Expert UNDP
Albania Credit/SME 04-08/1994 Team leader EU-PHARE
Albania Banking 04-10/1992 Financial Specialist EU-PHARE
Rumania Privatisation/Fund 11-1992-07/1993 Mission Co-ordinator EU-PHARE
Azerbaijan Evaluation 11/2007-01/2008 Evaluator EU-Tacis
Azerbaijan Training 04/2000 – 01/2001 Lecturer EU-Tacis
Uzbekistan Banking 11/1995 – 05/1996 Financial Expert World Bank
Guyana & Suriname &Cariforum -Feasibility Study to finance rice sector (competitiveness to export to Europe) Feasibility study & Design a credit model for banana sector/Fund 02-10/2005 Team Leader EU
Antilles (Curaçao,) Project Evaluation. SESNA Programme(SME financing) FINANCING SME/Trust Fund 09-10/2003 Banking Expert-Evaluator EU
West Indies   Credit banana sector (financing banana growers to export) Evaluation Credit Project for banana sector/ Fund 12/1998 – 02/1999 Credit Specialist EU